Hunan Liling Sun Electric Insulator & Apparatus Manufacture-Ltd was established in 1992, and the predecessor is Da Ling Electric Porcelain Factory built in 1966. Now, we are a medium-sized individual enterprise beginning to take shape, with the whole area in the factory of 48,000 square meters, the staff of 358 and the annual production capacity of more than 4000 tons of high/low voltage porcelain. In2001, we got ISO9001-2000 certificate. We mainly produces the series of Fuse Cut and Fuse Cut Insulator, Arrester and Arrester bushing, ANSI Power Line Insulator, DIN Transformer Bushing, Wall Bushing, Fuse Cut Bushing and Hexagon Bushing, and all kinds of Post Inside and Station Post Below 252KV. 

Survive on High Quality

 Our company utilizes the excellent porcelain raw material in our village, superior production equipment, complete testing and examine equipment and complete and good quality assurance system to diligently pursue the reliable quality and elegant appearance. The products can be manufactured according to GB, IEC, ANSI, BS, AS, JIS and DIN etc. it can also be processed most accurately according to customer's special requirements. The appearance of glaze, brown, white, gray, blue have been admired by American and Japanese customer. Especially the semiconductor glaze developed by our company, its electric performance has already reached the leading level in the world. Rely on reliable quality and good social prestige, our company has been awarded "the non-public enterprise Trustworthy Quality unit" by Hunan Government for 4 years in succession from 2000. In 1999, our company was chosen as supplier by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CO.JP, then started to supply it in a long-term and steady, and has been awarded "the outstanding supplier" by Mitsubishi Company for two years in succession from 2002. In 2000, our company was also chosen as the supplier by TOSHIBA ELECTRIC CO.JP, and supplied it so far for a long time.

Specialization Development

 In line with the principle of specialization development and drawing support from the popularity of our company in product market and the rich technological strength, we set up the SUN ELECTRIC SPECIAL PORCELAIN BRANCH in 2000, which specializes in Fuse Cut  Bushing and Hexagon Bushing, etc and the products of which mainly face the large-scale enterprises of Japanese and Korea, etc. In 2001, we set up the 2nd subsidiary factory -- SUN ELECTRIC SOLID-CORE POST PORCELAIN BRANCH. It specializes in Power Station Post, such as 220KV 110KV, 63KV, etc. And the products mainly face the foreign large-scale electric company and domestic hydropower station. Market oriented, we have strengthened the confidence of specialization development and have made important progress in Fuse Cut Insulator through the developmental research of more than one year. The Fuse Cut Insulator shaping technology developed newly will make the shaping tempo improve by 2 times and can reach very accurate size, which can meet the need of the Large-scale company of developed country of assembling the Fuse Cut Insulator in automatic.



While China opens day by day, the globalization process is accelerated day by day too. In the merger process of global advantage resources, we constantly expect the cooperation come from global partner. We welcome the cooperation of any kind in the fund, the market, the technology and production line shifted, etc.                                    

Going forward hand in hand with you, having complementary advantages, 
       we will be stronger.



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